Fitness Blender

For 2017, my theme for the year is wholesome living. This wholesomeness made emphasis to my health. I was diagnosed with a skin condition sometimes last year (misdiagnosed actually) and it got me thinking a lot about my health. Two years ago I had an appendectomy. It’s like something new happens every year so I decided to pay more attention to my health – my skin, hair, body had to be in shape. I can’t afford to die without fulfilling God’s purpose for my life just because I had 10 extra burgers that I could do without. That being said, I found these people on YouTube. Since I’m a YouTube lover, I searched on there for workout videos and I came across these fitness blender guys. I’ve done a couple of their workouts and trust me when I say they’re legit. At the end of each video they say Fitness Blender is a free workout organization, help keep it free by sharing so I’m doing just that.

For my people that say being fit is not in the scripture, look at it this way. When I’m called for mission work to help build a church, I want to be able to carry the bricks and not just be the sand person. I want to be able to go over the mountains and the hills to share the gospel. My body is the temple of the Lord and I have to take care of it.

Their you tube is here and their website here 

Have fun shaping your bodies for the Lord!! Do you know any other workout guys that I can try? I really want abs you guyssss!!

P.s: Yes!! I did not forget that today is Tuesday so I still posted the random Tuesday post.No I have not misplaced my calendar. I posted the weekly Salvation post earlier today though. Check it out here.


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