Yesterday, I went for a program that talked about dying to self. They spoke about dying to self in ways I had never looked at. It was really an amazing time in the presence of God. We’ve talked about dying to self before and we defined it as surrendering to God. A new way to put it as I learnt yesterday, is to fall at the feet of Jesus. To see only Him. It’s to know that God lives inside of us seeing what we see, hearing what we hear, eating what we eat, touching what we touch, smelling what we smell. This got me thinking about music. Anytime I’m listening and dancing to Shakitibobo I’m taking God with me. Have you people ever thought of it this way? It’s quite deep but it’s made me more conscious. Dying to self is a conscious effort. You willingly let go of your will, plans, dreams, you’re willing to do whatever God wants. I also learnt that God can take us through one way then when we’re feeling like we’ve finally made it, He’ll tell us wehdon sir, oya stop, turn, and we have to turn. I’m so excited as I’m writing this. The walk with Jesus sounds exciting. No one knows where He’s taking them today or tomorrow or next week. So it’s living knowing that you’re not living. TY Bello made us do this exercise. She told us to sing ‘Obanlaanu’ until we’re out of breath and where we stop, we should know that’s where God will pick up. So despite the fact that God made me for a purpose, He also made me to help me fulfill that purpose. He has a plan, a blueprint, and even if we make a mess, He’s able to turn it to a message if we go back to Him (I learnt this punchline yesterday). And if we truly are in Christ, abiding in Him, dying to self, His thoughts towards us will be our thoughts towards ourselves. We’ll be in sync. Do you get? 

Letting go and letting God is the hardest part of this walk with God that’s why people, even me, still have issues with fasting. That’s a story for another day anyways. But once we’re able to daily take up our cross, die to self, and follow God, we walk in the Spirit by faith, that is trusting God with all of our hearts and leaning not on our own understanding, acknowledging Him in all our ways and being sure that He’ll direct our paths. This doesn’t say He’ll make the path smooth, but He’ll direct us. Meaning the path might be smooth sometimes, other times, not so much but we have confidence that we’re good. That He’s got us because He’ll direct our paths. This is a lot to swallow. But when we’ve gotten this, swallowed this hard knot, we’ll find that we’ll be so filled with peace no matter the circumstance we find ourselves in. This series started because of the promises of God towards us in the Bible so it sounds as though when one walks with God everything is all good and dandy. Don’t get me wrong, it is! But some people have hard purposes. Jesus’ purpose was to die. Stephen walked in the Spirit and paid with his life. These cases ended in death and not very good deaths for that matter yet they fulfilled purpose that’s why they were able to pray for their persecutors. Dying to self is not only walking with God when all is good and dandy, it’s walking with God even when he makes you a sacrifice. But don’t worry, this earth is just a temporary home and death will always occur. So just have peace because blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. This plenty English is summed up in this verse

β€œI have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33 NIV

The hymn we sang today in my open heaven devotional was “what a friend we have in Jesus”. It says whatever the situation, take it all to God in prayer and we know that when we do this, the peace of God which passeth all understanding will be yours (Philippians 4:6-7). So if you’ve read this blog post and you’re still struggling with dying to self for whatever reason, you’ve honestly tried, take it to the Lord in prayer. You can’t do it on your own or if you think you’ve surrendered all but are still fretting about stuff, this blog post is a reassurance to you that as long as you’re walking in purpose, all things will walk together for your good. I’m sure knowing this will give you peace. Have a blessed week. 

P. S: today in church my pastor talked about repentance being a change in belief, not character, but a change in character is the fruit of repentance. I leave you with these words. Have you really repented? Has your mindset changed or just your behaviour? Shalom (Shalom means peace)! 


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