Being Judas

So recently, I’ve been obsessed with Judas Iscariot. The Bible in one year plan I use started off the year with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and I’ve been intrigued by the betrayal ever since. The Bible has the story of the betrayal preceded by the story of a woman pouring expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet and then wiping it with her hair. Judas then voiced out his thoughts that the perfume should have been sold and then the money given to charity instead of wasting it on the feet of Jesus. Apparently Judas was the treasurer of the Jesus and friends association and used to steal the money. So he really just looked at the situation as a waste of money he could have taken for himself to do whatever he wanted to. That was why he went to the Pharisees and asked what he’ll be given if he handed Jesus over to them (Matt. 26:23). The love of money is truly the root of all evil. This little story has a lot of lessons in it. Whenever people say one is being a Judas, everyone just assumes the person betrayed someone but the truth is there’s more to it and you’ll realize you’ve been a Judas at one point or the other. 

Judas did not remove the log in his eye before removing what he thought was a speck in Jesus’ eye. I mean if anyone accused Jesus of doing anything bad, it shouldn’t have been the king of the baddest boys (I mean bad in the real not good sense of bad). He probably felt Jesus was a fake then he got angry and went to sell Him to the Pharisees. I mean what Son of God would waste perfume on himself when people are starving? He forgot it was the same Jesus that fed the 5000 men one time and 4000 men the other time. The money was not even going to get to the starving people. Jesus is all knowing. He knew that. Plus because we are followers of Christ does not mean we cannot enjoy ourselves. It’s okay to buy clothes, perfumes and all. It only becomes a problem when we put these things before God. The money we have and our possessions are gifts from God so if God tells us to give them away, we should adhere, if God tells us we can spoil ourselves, please go ahead. Jesus rebuked Peter for thinking in the flesh and not in the Spirit (Matt. 16:23) which is what Judas was doing. Jesus had already said that what he says and does was instructed to Him by the father and He did not do anything out of His Job description (John 8:28). Also, remember that everyone is working out their salvation with fear and trembling so you can’t just judge a person from the outside. A while back, a woman said she was mad at a Christian brother for cheating on his wife or was it divorcing his wife. One of the two. And she said she stopped listening to anything from him until God told her the guy had come to Him and repented and he was forgiven and had a clean slate with Him and that she should stop drinking panadol for His headache. The guy was already in God’s good book while she was nursing anger and hatred which are both fruits of the flesh. I’m sure in her mind she thought it was righteous hate and anger. I mean it was on God’s behalf but the truth is everyone has their relationship with God, so rather than judge people, go to God and find out what’s happening. If true true the brother is in sin, God will direct you on how to correct the person. It is no longer you who lives. We always seem to forget this. I pray that God will help us and constantly remind us that it’s not about us but about Him really IJN  

So about removing the log in our eye, Judas was a thief. I mean he was a thief! He used to steal. He didn’t see that one as a problem ooo. It was Jesus uncompassionate ways he saw as a sin that deserved punishment. So he went to sell him out. We are sometimes too busy checking and pointing out other people’s sins that we don’t see ours. The Bible tells us to constantly check that our faith is still intact (2 Cor. 13:5). Yes we are children of God and we have the Spirit does not mean we live in it. We have to daily take up our cross. Daily remember to die to self. Daily pray for God to take over. It’s something we have to remember to do all the time. The truth is that it’s easier said than done and so we need to keep checking to see if we’re in the faith. This can we done by checking through the fruits of the flesh which is an extensive list. You have to read the whole Bible to know all of them. You can do this or get an accountability partner or partners preferably – God and some brother or sister in the Lord that you trust and respect. Anytime you’re producing a fruit of the flesh, they’re there to point it out. God is with us everywhere we go (like MTN), so He can rebuke us immediately. The human, is just there because sometimes we need strong hand. Someone that can physically beat us or drag us or wake us up with a slap. I’m kidding. But sometimes we need to hear somethings about ourselves from the people that surround us. Even Jesus asked His disciples who the people and they, think He is. 

Judas loved money. It’s possible that Judas thought Jesus was going to just disappear when the Pharisees came and so he was just playing the Pharisees and collecting their money. He was being a sharp guy in his small mind. The ways of God and His thoughts are higher than ours though and our wisdom is foolishness to Him. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Pro. 9:10). To fear God is to reverence Him and acknowledge that Jesus came to die for us and ressurected on the third day and is now seated at Gods right hand side. The beginning of wisdom is believing, having faith, walking in the Spirit. The earlier we learn this, the better for us. We can’t be sharp guys if we don’t walk in the word of God that’s sharper than any two edged sword cutting deep between bone and marrow (Heb. 4:12). I repeat, the love of money is truly the root of all evil (1 Tim. 6:10). 

Judas followed Jesus with his legs and not his heart. If Judas had listened to Jesus’ teachings, and let it sink inside of him, he would have known that Jesus was able to forgive him of his sins, no sin being too intense. Peter knew this and that’s why he didn’t hang himself after denying Jesus as Judas did. Many “Christians” today are just working for God and not walking with Him and in the end they’ll be surprised when God says I know thee not. That was the problem He had with one of the churches He sent John to in revelations (Rev. 3:1-6). They had forgotten all about the ‘al’ in walking in faith and replaced it with an ‘or’ thinking that it’s by deeds one gains favor with God. If Judas had a relationship with Jesus, the story would be different today. 

Judas thought only about himself. He didn’t care on whose toes he had to step on to get what he wanted. He was deceived by the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life (1 John 2:16). I’m also sure somebody fooled him with that “heaven helps those who helps themselves” line. That line is not in the word of God and If anything, I think it means you can’t expect to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven if you don’t walk in the Spirit. So help yourself by acknowledging Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and declaring to trust in Him and that it’s no longer you who lives. After that, heaven helps by sealing you with the Holy Spirit that’ll tell you the things God has planned for you and teaching and explaining things of God to you. Heaven gives the Holy Spirit to us as a cheat code. Once we adhere to the voice of the Holy Spirit we’re sure of heaven. No stress. That’s how heaven helps those who help themselves. 

Lastly and most common, we know that Judas was a betrayer. He was ungrateful. Jesus had made him a cool kid. I mean he went out performing signs and wonders. It wasn’t by his own strength though but he didn’t remember. He was one of the guys who was with the water walking guy. It was possible Judas was jealous of Jesus. I mean a beautiful damsel was pouring expensive perfume at His feet and wiping it with her hair. In those days, women adored their perfumes and their hair yet one beautiful woman lay it all before Jesus. Maybe he had been toasting this girl, we don’t know. All we know is that after this incident he went to sell Jesus so it’s possible he felt Jesus was cramping his style and needed to be gone and so he sold him despite all that Jesus had done for him. He betrayed his master. 

Oya please wait. Don’t shoot me. I know someone had to betray Jesus. It was necessary for Jesus to die so I’m talking nonsense abi? You guys, there were 11 other apostles that could have betrayed Jesus. Why was it Judas? The above points answer the question. God is not a wicked God. He won’t turn a righteous person bad just to fulfill His ways. They say that by their fruits you shall know them. Jesus noticed these things about Judas and knew he’d be the perfect person for the job. Judas was so gone that Satan could enter and leave him anytime. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. It therefore was not all of a sudden that Judas became a betrayer. I would like to believe that his friends in the Jesus and friends association sat him down to point out these his faults to him but I’m not sure he was friends with any of them. When Judas asked if he would be the one to betray Jesus and Jesus said it would be as he said and told him to go and get it done and Judas stood up to go outside (John 13:27), I don’t recall anyone following him to counsel him or stop him from doing what he will regret. They assumed that it was for other reasons he was going out. When he had betrayed Jesus finish and was feeling bad, there was no one he could talk to and so he committed suicide. This has taught me to learn to care for the people around me. Constantly call to check up on them, send words of wisdom, share testimonies and all. Nobody is ever too far gone. Apostle Paul is a living testimony. Even if the devil is living inside the person, salvation is still possible with prayers and counsel. Plus assumptions are not always true so I’ll keep checking to make sure we’re all running the race. It has also taught me that I need people. I really like being by myself but now I know it’s not every time that’s me time. 

Feel free to study the Judas story and tell me what you’ve learnt. This took me months to understand so take your time. Don’t rush it! If you’ve already done a study about this topic, please share what you’ve learnt. Iron sharpens iron. 

P.s: I think Judas would have been one of those people that thought he was the real deal. Too cool for school and all that hence the header. What do you think Judas would have been like?


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