Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always (1 Chor. 16:11).

Do you guys know this song? 

Prayer is the key

Prayer is the key

Prayer is the master key

Jesus started with prayer

And ended with prayer 

Prayer is the master key

Two things that I stumble the most with in this Christian walk thing are prayer and fasting. I think I struggle with them the most because I don’t know the right way or the right times to be involved in them. 1 Thess. 5:17 says pray without ceasing and so as I’m moving I’m like God this this this and that that that and I think I’m fine. But this daily carrying your cross thing ministered to me that every morning I should consciously pray for God to help me carry my cross since I obviously cannot do this on my own. Therefore, praying without ceasing involves praying all the time, even when I’m working or walking and includes the prayer to God every morning to let my light so shine in all my conducts so that people see the good works in me and glorify Him. Some people say praying at night is also essential as that is when the people of darkness plan and execute their dark ways and so we gotta pray. I also know praying in tongues everyday is an essential. I never know what to pray for so I do this a lot. I particularly enjoy this one. The kind of outcomes this praying in tongues brings ehn, it needs a whole paragraph of it’s own. 

So I became a Christian when I was like 5 or 7. Prior to then, I gave my life to Christ every Sunday. Actually everyone in my class did and my teacher noticed and told us that we had to do it just once and we were good. So from that Sunday, we stopped giving our lives to Christ since we were saved. Fast forward to 2011 where some pastor came to share his salvation story. It was father’s day and it pains me that I don’t remember his name. Anyways that day I rededicated my life to God and that’s the day I say I got saved. That’s when I started consciously living in Christ, although it took me a lot of shaking and ruffling here and there before I was rooted. The point of this throwback story is that I got saved in 2011 but didn’t get the gift of speaking in tongues till 2016. 5 years later!!! Some people are privileged to get it immediately they convert but some of us don’t get it till 5 years or more. I don’t know how others get theirs but mine was gotten through the laying of hands. Hands were laid on me and people that could already speak in tongues spoke in tongues till I could. Not everyone left there with the gift of speaking in tongues because God’s timing is perfect. He’s never too early or too late. As a matter of fact, I left there feeling like I couldn’t speak in tongues but the woman that prayed for me kept saying “it’s at the tip of your tongue, just say it. Since it’s from God it can’t be evil”. But what was on the tip of my tongue did not sound like the normal tongues I knew so I didn’t say it until I was on my way home. I didn’t like praying in tongues because I felt my tongues were weird until one day, I was in my room alone, my roommates had gone home because exams were over, and I prayed in tongues for an hour. I timed myself. I figured practice made perfect and the more I prayed in tongues, the more normal I’d sound. That day though changed my perspective of tongues. God obviously heard me and met needs I didn’t know I had. It was that day I realized there’s no one way to pray in tongues. As long as God is the one behind it, you’re good. Since I realized that, I have been hearing tongues stranger than mine and I just mentally add the tongues prayer into our association of weird tongues prayers. The point I am trying to make here is that God is all knowing. Praying in tongues is praying for things you don’t even know you need to pray for. I read in a book that a man woke up one night to pray in tongues. Like the spirit just woke him up to pray and he obliged until his heart was no longer heavy. The next day he realized someone close to him was in an accident at that very time he was praying and was fighting for his life. The prayer he had prayed helped the guy to stay alive. So yes praying in tongues is a big deal. I know that some people reading this might not be able to pray in tongues and it’s fine. I know there’s persecution against people that can’t speak in tongues. I once went to a fellowship and they told only those who could pray in tongues to come forward and pray. While the rest of us were on our seats. I felt really bad so I know what you’re going through. Just remember that Gods time is the best. Don’t stop asking, but don’t let it rule your life. Keep growing in the faith and God would surely release the gift upon you. 

Ehen, back to what I was saying before I digressed, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to prayers unless you’re praying like the Pharisees then that’s wrong (Matt. 6:5). The Bible does not tell us how many times to pray, what to pray about, the position of prayer, all the instructions of prayer are very vague. From my study on prayer, I have realized God did this on purpose. The Holy Spirit is who teaches us how to pray. We have figured out a way for me that works just fine. I used to have a list of names of people I’m praying for and I’ll pray for them and spend an hour. I don’t have that luxury of time anymore and so I stopped. However the Holy Spirit has taught me another way to go about it. There’s no hard and fast rule. The Bible says the things of God are foolishness to the people of the world and the Holy Spirit teaches and counsels us and reveals the things of God to us. The Holy Spirit explains what praying without ceasing is. He explains what Jesus meant when He was designing the Lord’s prayer. He even defines what prayer is. The definition of prayer I got was seeking the face of God. This has made me more conscious about praying every morning and at night. I constantly want to know what’s on God’s mind at all points in time concerning everything. In the morning though it’s about my day, and at night it’s what I want Him to reveal to me about the future or other issues. I’ve gotten to a point of understanding and now I am no longer anxious about anything because I take it to God in prayer and the peace of God which passeth all understanding is mine. 

Prayer is communing with God. I just decided to use seeking His face as the English I wanted. Anytime we talk to God, it’s prayer. Something as little as “God please what should I wear today?” or asking God to help you with a difficult task and trusting His response, is prayer. That’s why the Bible says pray without ceasing. It means be in constant communication with the Spirit. We’re supposed to walk in the Spirit remember? That’s what I’ve learnt about prayer. This past week, a lot of prayers were answered. Sometimes we are not getting results because we haven’t asked. I learnt that as well. This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us (1 John 5:14).

How do you guys fit prayer into your lives? And have you been discriminated against cos you can’t or couldn’t speak in tongues? What is your favorite praying position? I don’t have one. What do you generally think about praying? Share your thoughts with us… xx

P. S: Prayer is different from declaration.


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