Since there’s a day for everything and we’re supposed to celebrate our weaknesses because it shows our dependence on God, why not a #nationalthorninthefleshday? Heather Lindsey posted something on instagram recently and I was just like word!!!!!!!! You know what? I’ll just post the picture. 

So yh! I have this idea in my head of who I’m supposed to be and then there’s the reality which doesn’t come close. Or maybe it does and I’m just hard on myself but sometimes I’ll rather just lie in bed and think of how cool I am in my head and just think about how awesome I am there too and how the “my head” version of me, could run for president and win. Too much? The woman in my head is perfect. She has thorns in her flesh too but she carries them so gracefully. She’s so into God and their relationship is like the one God had with Moses. She’s a woman after God’s heart. I call her Davida.

Now Davida and I are the same person so I wonder why she has it so put together and I do not. She’s clumsy like me but hers is classy, mine is annoying (only sometimes though), you get? And because Davida is a whole lot cooler than me, like if I sit to tell you about Davida you’ll see that we’re poles apart, I fret, worry, am anxious, A LOT! Worrying or being fretful is not having peace of mind due to something (s). Its being troubled and depressed and doubting God eventually. I realized this pattern and was done, through, finito!! I tried to forget how much of a mess i am but seeing that I live with me, its hard to do that. I even prayed to God to help me see just the good and perfect side of me but we’re still here. That’s why what Heather posted gave me so much life. God’s grace is sufficient for me. He always surpasses my expectations. My expectation could be that I’ll some day be like David but with God, I become the best version of me (who won’t kill Uriah and take on his wife. No shade David). I won’t ever “arrive” like Heather put it. I used to tell myself that when I had some things or got to a certain age I would, but that did not happen so I fret that time is being wasted and I have not arrived yet. I fret about time the most but then I remember that God is never late nor is He too early, He is always on time. I fret about what to wear but the bible has told me not to. The truth of the matter is that we’re all not perfect people in that we fear and we worry, we have insecurities, we don’t have it all together and we’re not good enough for God and the devil keeps reminding us about this. However think about this, if we were so fresh and fly, we won’t feel like we need Jesus.  Our weaknesses show us that we are made perfect in Christ. Andrew Wommack said that the first time he was on tv, he watched the episode and was so disappointed and called God out on it. Like why did God tell him to start tv shows if He knew he was this bad at it. He hadn’t finished calling God out when he received a call from a friend about how great he was on tv. Apparently, he was the only one who thought he was awful and then he realized that God’s strength is perfected in his weaknesses. We do our best and wherever we stop is where God takes over. That’s grace. Grace fills the gap of where we are and where God wants us to be. God is so amazing. He’s awesome. So today I’m celebrating that I’m not Davida because I don’t want to have it all put together and forget that I need God. Once I have grown to the level of never forgetting that I need God (never forgetting to pray before I eat), then I can be like Davida, actually be better. To be honest, I just want to be who God wants me to be because that way I know I’m fine and I’m making Him proud. I really want God to call me a girl after His own heart. Is that what you want as well?

Happy National Thorn in the Flesh Day Guys!!! Sorry for not posting at all last week. Very long week I had. This week will be better by God’s grace don’t worry and I have many things to share. What thorn in the flesh are you shaming? I’d love to read from you.

P.s always remember that a rose is not a rose without its thorns. I like to think that roses have thorns because they are so special. God didn’t want people plucking out roses anyhow so He gave the roses thorns to give the pluckers a tough time. What do you think?


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