The “Nobody did it for me” syndrome

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters (1 John 3:16).

Hi again!! I’m taking my life and blogging seriously now so I’m trying to be more consistent. I have a schedule and all. Thank master Jesus for giving me wisdom (and thank me for finally accepting it 😌😏). So I have a story for you guys today. 

Story story… Once upon a time, so a new staff joined my department this past week and everyone tried to get him integrated into the system by explaining stuff to him and putting him through anything he had issues with. We’re good people you know 😏. However, when we joined the department, no integration was done for us and so one of the old staff made this famous “nobody did it for me” comment and jokingly said he was done helping the man to integrate, then he took a break. I on the other hand, continued helping this man integrate then had to quickly run an errand and found myself thinking the “nobody did this for me” thought. Not for long though because the Holy Spirit interrupted by telling me that Jesus died for me yet I wasn’t dying for anyone so what did it matter if no one did it for me? Deep stuff!! I was made to understand that daily carrying my cross to follow God, loving Him and loving my neighbors as I love myself, walking in the Spirit, basically doing things that please the father, not the world, is dying everyday. The selfless act of helping the new guy integrate when no one did it for me was doing what Jesus did on the cross for me. 

So you people that have the “nobody did it for me” syndrome and those of you that do not, I’m asking you today. How do you lay your life for others on a daily basis? At least someone did that for you. 

Hope your week started off lovely? Mine started with a bang. The message on Sunday morning was AMAZING!! What did your Pastor preach about on Sunday? Have a great week ahead, God bless you. 

P.s. Do you guys think short posts like these should be YouTube videos instead?

P.p.s. Do you guys remember the bible verse above from this challenge?


#PhosMoment – Sugarfied

Another #PhosMoment here!!! All the sweet tooth people in the house can I see your hands up?  ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

Hi my name is Phos and I’m a sweet tooth. I had been off sugar for a while but relapsed sometime in January and I’m just trying to get it right again. In January, I happened to graduate from the university and was fortunate enough to have a graduation cake. Since it was graduation, I decided to have a cheat day which became a cheat week and then a cheat month. Just tasting sugar once revived the sugar lover in me and I relapsed. 

This is the same with sin. My Bible study teachers when I was younger will tell us that when we tell just one lie, we need like 50 more to cover it up, which is true. This however is not limited to just lies. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and just like on the battlefield, the opponent looks for weak spots to attack – any part of the body that’s not protected, because once a soldier is hit, he becomes compromised. He’s weaker and it’s easier for the enemy to attack him again or even kill him. The devil is out there looking for who to kill, steal and destroy and the moment he finds a weak spot, he takes advantage of it and all he needs is for you to fall once and he’ll make you fall over and over again. All hope is not lost however because the Bible says if we confess our sins, he’s faithful to forgive us of all our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Therefore if you fall, immediately get up and clean yourself up by asking God for forgiveness and don’t turn a cheat second into a cheat minute or a cheat hour or a cheat day or a cheat week or a cheat month. Get up immediately and clean yourself. For example, watching or reading pornography, one might not know by just clicking a link that he’ll get to such a site and then he gets there and starts watching instead of closing it immediately he found out then someone walks in and asks, what he’s doing and he lies and the lie leads to more lies and all that. The ideal thing however was to close the site once it was found out what kind of site it. It’s easier said than done though. God help us all. 

Something similar happened to me. I decided (it’s a choice) to continue in the sin since I had already started and then I remembered my sugar days and just like that #PhosMoment. Thankfully though, i realized what was happening before it got out of hand. I do not want to imagine what would have happened if it went out of hand so I thought to share so we can encourage ourselves.

What Phos Moment have you had lately?? 

#PhosMoment – A Wi-Fi Hack

Another #PhosMoment today. The last PhosMoment was on Vampire diaries which is finally over BTW and I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. *sigh*

 Anyways……. anyone who knows me knows I’m #teamwifi. In Nigeria, my country, good Wi-Fi is like gold and so there are hacks here and there. I realized recently that the Wi-Fi of the house got to my room upstairs only when I was the only one connected to it. When everyone has gone about their daily hustle, and I’m at home alone, I realized accessing the Wi-Fi from my room was a breeze unlike when everyone was home and connected and I had to sit on the staircase to make my connection bareable and even with that it was still slow and shaky. Apparently, the other devices were distracting my device from having a strong and fast connection. So dear friends, I had a va va voom moment. For a while, in December last year and January this year, I had been doing my quiet time in the presence of people. They were doing their thing and I was doing mine but I still didn’t feel the connection to God so I went back to doing my devotion before daybreak and the connection was strong. Have you seen where I’m headed with this? The connection with God is strong when it’s just you and Him and the connection is just bareable, shaky, slow or sometimes even weak when there are distractions. I have therefore set an alarm to wake me up before everyone is up so that I can download and stream as much as I can from the source. 

When do you have your quiet time and when do you think your quiet time is most effective? When it’s done in the morning? At night? When you’re hungry? Or happy or sleepy or sad? Share with the family. We can take a que from you. 

P.s: See I’m getting a hang on working and still having a life.

#PhosMoment – The Vampire Diaries Gospel

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. The series premiered on The CW on September 10, 2009.

The pilot episode attracted the largest audience for The CW of any series premiere since the network began in 2006. The first season averaged 3.60 million viewers. It was the most-watched series on the network before being supplanted by Arrow. The show has received numerous award nominations, winning four People’s Choice Award and many Teen Choice Awards.

Source: Wikipedia

I started watching vampire diaries in 2011 or 2012. They were in season 3 at the time and I remember downloading all the episodes in season 1 and 2 up to the then current episode and spending hours watching them. That’s what birthed my love for series. My friends and I spent time discussing vampire diaries too so yes, I’ve spent a significant amount of my life on vampire diaries. And if they play me again by making a season 9 after clearly stating that season 8 would be the final season, then maybe I’ll say goodbye to the series. I’m the only one out of my friends that still watches it anyways. According to vampire diaries, a vampire is formed when a person dies with vampire blood in his system. The vampire causes the person to regenerate and if the person wants to remain alive, now a vampire, the person has to drink human blood within 24 hours and keep taking blood (not necessarily human) to stay alive. When one becomes a vampire, he makes better use of his senses, his emotions are heightened, he feels more. He’s more confident, he believes in himself more and he lives forever. He is no longer compelled to believe the things He’s told. He knows the truth now.

My favorite vampire transition in TVD was that of Caroline Forbes. She was a timid, insecure human and became a strong, put together vampire. She found herself after the transition and it reminds me of salvation. Before I gave my life to Christ, I was timid and insecure. I didn’t know how I was useful and I thought I’d be better off as a rabbit or something. I’ll still be living but won’t have to be useful. When I found Jesus or when Jesus revealed Himself to me rather, through spending time with Him, I realized the greater purpose. I fell in love with who I am, who God made me, because I won’t be able to fulfill my purpose if I was any other way. God and I began to work on being the best version of me (Stephan Salvatore helped Caroline with this). All the lies the devil had compelled me to believe were revealed to me. I knew the truth and the truth made me free (john 8:32). I was a new creature indeed. Dead to sin and alive in Christ (Romans 6:11) and now I have eternal life.

In season 8 episode 4 of TVD, we were introduced to Cade or Arcadius, the devil. Arcadius was born prior in a village situated on an Island in The Mediterranean. He was gifted with the ability to see into the minds of others, the world’s very first psychic. He had used his powers to empathize and help others which led him to be loved by his fellow villagers. However, when he had used his powers to peer into a man’s mind and saw his “impure” thoughts for a young woman in the village, he approached the man with an offer to help quell his “urges” using his gift. The man however was mortified and furious so instead he had turned the villagers against Arcadius. Together with a mob of villagers the man had Arcadius captured and burnt at the stake. In his final moments, Arcadius feeling anguish and betrayal at being unjustly murdered by the very people he helped, he let out a psychic blast, as he was set ablaze, that was so powerful that it created it’s very own dimension which would come to be known as hell. Arcadius’ soul resided in this new world of his and from then on he would collect the souls of the wicked who had died and feast on them (Source here).

I was listening to this “In Christ Alone” song a few days ago and one of the lines says “Jesus was scorned by the ones He came to save”. Jesus came to save humans and the humans killed Him. As He was on the cross, He died for the sins of the people that put Him there, the soldiers that mocked Him, the Pharisees that lied against Him, the people that bore false witness against Him. Jesus had the power to stop the crucifixion. He could have said He didn’t want again and fired thunder on all the people who put Him there. I’m sure Cade would have done that if he could. Instead, Jesus stayed on the cross, took up all our sins, died for us, rose up the third day, and gave the great commission to spread the Gospel to the people who put Him there in the first place. Jesus is too wonderful please. I remember crying so hard when listening to that song, I don’t know why. I don’t think we give Jesus enough credit. He needs to be lifted higher and higher. I remember asking my mum why she is always binding and casting but never praying to just give God thanks.I think we’re all caught up in ourselves and our lives and sometimes we forget to just stop and worship.Jesus deserves our being, He deserves it all. I also think we undermine the power of our Salvation. I don’t think we know just how powerful we are. “ He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.  I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you” (Luke 10:18-19). There are other entitlements for us, the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Some are Isaiah 54:17, Romans 8:28, Psalms 118:17, among others. From today, I am dedicating more time out to just worship Jesus for being who He is. He’s amazing. I’m also dedicating more time to just work out my salvation. Join me and tell me how it goes. Every Friday I’ll drop the worship song on top of my playlist. And Every Sunday I’ll share a truth I have learned about my salvation. I’m looking forward to seeing your top songs and salvation lessons too.

So, you guys, did I go too deep? I mean, the whole being a new creature by transitioning into a vampire, was it too much? I’m pretty sure the script writers didn’t look at it that way. I looked them up and I don’t think this was their intention when they were writing the script. #PhosMoments is a segment on the blog where we tell of how ordinary everyday things or series or movies, whatever it is, shows God’s marvelousness or relates to our walk with Christ. Its like when a spoken word poet says a line and you have to snap your fingers. If you have any #PhosMoments you’ll like to send us, email us or drop us a line on the contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you. Talk later! Keep your light shining.

P.s: Y’all need to be watching Vampire Diaries. As you can see its a gospel in itself. lol

P.p.s: As Christians, we’re to surrender all, even our series, to Jesus right? I stopped Game of thrones because it gave me lustful thoughts. Some people say The Vampire Diaries is devilish. What do y’all think?